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Happy Valentine’s Day

Even to those who do not celebrate the day. We all need some love at this time of year.

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As the sun came up, these thoughts occured… The knock on the door roused him from his slumber. The clock on the nightstand said it was just past midnight. Outside a gentle rain fell against the windows. He had thought … Continue reading

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Cold in the Morning

As I sit outside (don’t ask, it’s a long story), I had a chance to finish another story, and since it is National Novel Writing Month, let me announce the effort that I undertook this month. Not one story, but … Continue reading

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Trying to get some inspiration

I have not written much lately. In fact, I have barely written a scene. So I am searching around for inspiration. Here is what I have so far for stories that have not been written. If you have suggestions, please, … Continue reading

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Porn is Boring

Maybe I am getting old. Maybe I have seen too much. Maybe it is a combination of both. Maybe it is something else, but lately I am finding that porn is boring. It could also be that there is so … Continue reading

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The Knife

Once upon a time, I knew a lovely lady who had a thing for the cold touch of steel on her skin. The more intimate the area, the wetter she would get. She could cum almost with the touch of … Continue reading

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Photographs and Memories

Just a little scene that passed through my waking dreams last night… He wished he had more photographs of her. That was only one of several thoughts that went through his head as he put his clothes away. “Do hurry … Continue reading

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Really, I Tried To Write

It really is 0130 on a Sunday morning, and I really am awake, but I am sitting under a pop-up canopy in a local park helping with an overnight ultramarathon run. These people are crazy, frankly, but all the lithe … Continue reading

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Undressing Without Me?

You know how much I like to watch.

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A New Story To Write

I wonder what it will say?

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