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Who Needs Sex?

Lately, I have been wondering about the answer to this question. As someone who writes about sex, I get very little. And honestly, I cannot say I am missing it too much. I have plenty of energy for other things. … Continue reading

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Oh, Look, It’s March

March is the darkest, dreariest month of the year. It is the month of death and rebirth and only one of the reasons most people look forward to April. It is the season of stoms, both frozen precipitation as well … Continue reading

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Shades of Erotic Literature

A friend of mine sent me this picture.  It is not in the United States.  That would be a stoning offense despite the fact the book is in piles at my local Costco.  My first thought when I saw it … Continue reading

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The beginning is the most important part of the work.

We shall begin this blog with a quote from Plato, from his treaties, The Republic.   Plato, Aristotle, Carlin, philosophers all, and each has had their impact on the world we live in today.  Over the course of this blog, … Continue reading

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