Story Update – Swinging Hard now posted

I have posted a new story at StoriesOnLine called Swinging Hard. It is a M/M/F, with male sexual play as well as the usual blowjobs and naked women. Take a look and do not forget to vote. Send me your comments as well.

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Stories, sex, and your health

If you spend enough time reading sexually explicit stories, you will note that a lot of people have a lot of sex with a lot of other people and that the sex is usually casual, and very often unprotected. Some authors will go out of their way to post a warning that this sort of casual sex only exists in stories or that a responsible adult does not engage in this sort of thing, etc.

And they are correct.

These stories are fantasies. They exist in a world where disease does not exist, unless it happens to be part of the story. Why? There are any number of reasons. It distracts from the story is a common reason. For the same reason we authors do not cover all the more mundane aspects of human relations, again unless it adds to the story. Sex is messy. It gets even more messy when you add lubricants and multiple orgasms from multiple partners, and if they squirt, well, you better have towels or something similar or you will wish you had. Yet we, as authors, do not talk about the cleanup. Washing sheets, airing mattresses, replacing items that are unsalvageable. It distracts and it does not add to the story.

The same is true with safe sex. In 2016, it is more important than ever to be practicing safe sex. This is more than protecting against pregnancy, which can ruin more lives than a bad case of syphilis. Do not mistake me. I am all for children, when they are wanted and loved. But I have seen them ruin lives when they are not. Safe sex is also about disease protection. From herpes and gonorrhea, to syphilis, the old standbys are still with us. HIV/AIDS may not be getting the press it used to, but it is still as prevelent today as it was in the 1980s, 90s, and at the turn of the century and it is still just as life altering. And while we talk about these, there are numerous other diseases that can be transmitted by sex that are just as bad. The new contender is Zika. And reports are that not only can it be transmitted by sex, it can still mutate fetuses as they develop. Think about that for a moment the next time you hop in the sack.

What do you do? Ensure you are clean and your partner is too. Insist on a medical work up. Most public health service clinics will do this for a nominal charge and it is anonymous. Wear condoms and insist your partner wear them. Ladies, talk to your OB/GYN about options. There are so many ways to prevent pregnancy and the spread of STDs that it should be part of our sexual repitoir. Oh, and one more thing guys, do not double dip. Fecal material in the vagina can lead to a lot of complications, least of which is going without sex while she recovers.

Let’s all be safe out there.

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Oh, Look, It’s March

March is the darkest, dreariest month of the year. It is the month of death and rebirth and only one of the reasons most people look forward to April. It is the season of stoms, both frozen precipitation as well as strong, often violent, swirling winds, usually just enough to be annoying but all to frequently to be deadly. And generally, every day.

In March, it warms up enough to melt the permafrost enough to turn it into a gooey, soupy mess, but never warm enough to dry it out or make you consider foregoing that heavy coat, or those boots that keep getting sucked off your feet as you walk.

March is so depressing, the Irish needed to invent a drinking holiday in the middle to break it up (St. Patrick’s Day), Shakespeare bumped off Julius Caesar (beware the ides of March) and this year the Catholic faith has the death of their savior (although it usually falls in March on average anyway).

Even February gives up early when it comes to the arrival of March. This year we were saved by a luxurious extra day, but alas, even that was only an extra 24 hour reprieve.

So, I have decided, since nothing good happens in March anyway, to take the Stoic route, gird my loins, as it were, and forego sex for the month. Not just the intercourse part, not that I was having it reqularly any way. At my age, sex more that twice a year is a unique experience. No, I am giving all of it up. The masturbating, the stories, the pictures and video. All of it. Heck, I might use it as an opportunity to throw out a few things.

Why? Why not. As I said, it is already close to a normal state of being, why not take the next step. Maybe by April I might have a new outlook on life but first, I have to get through March. Now if only the sun would shine.

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Story Updates

It has been a while since I updated this blog, but that does not mean I have been asleep at the switch. I have two stories in process. The first, called Craps is ready for its first round of edits and I will be doing that this month and possibly pushing the first chapter by March. The other chapters following in time. The second story, which is completely different, is called Janet and I am still working on it. It will not likely be a full novel, but it has a number of interesting things going on in it so far. Of course, neither story is complete in terms of being edited or continuity checked, so consider it a rough cut until I formally post it. In the meantime, enjoy!

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New Story: Bad Porn

I have not stopped writing. I have been doing a lot of it in fact. I have posted my latest, called Bad Porn to Stories On-Line. This one is different. It is a spec script, properly formatted (mostly? I hope?).  Based on my research, and having watched a few porn movies…er…erotic movies, and some on-line skulking, I have found:

  • A good porn script has about seven sex scenes.
  • Is about 30 pages long
    • The reason is because, at the average a minute a page, that is 30 minutes of dialogue, with 70 minutes (give or take) of sex, bringing it to 90 odd minutes.

If you are not an SoL person, or would like to see an early release, you can view Bad Porn here.

And if you are interested in producing this, drop me a note and we can talk. Thanks all for reading.

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New Story: The Suggestion

I have started a new story. This one is kind of fun and a bit kinky here and there. It is not completed and I still have a number of edits to make, but I will keep writing and try and finish it soon.  Please let me know how you think it is coming.

I will admit I was a little surprised when Cheryl suggested it. It had been early in our relationship. She had told me one dark night that she thought she might be bi-sexual. How she got turned on watching other women. When she had been in university she had spent a lot of time showering in the community showers just to see other women undress. That was a month after she told me she has another fetish, one that her ex just could not fathom. She wanted to fuck my ass. With a strap on. I guess since my response had been to ask if she actually had a strap on and her negative answer had resulted in us shopping the web for a harness and a couple of dildos right then and there that telling me she might like girls was not a big deal.

(Read more…)

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New Story: The Convention

We all know that what happens at a convention stays at a convention, right?

She had always wondered what it would be like to be tied up but she had never thought she would meet someone who would actually do it to her. So she was even more surprised when she met him in the bar at the conference. He was not the bad boy type that she might have expected. In fact, he was well dressed, wearing a jacket and slacks and looking like any other conference attendee. Something about him drew her to him. He offered her a glass of wine and she accepted it without a second guess. When their hands touched, her nipples hardened and pressed against the thin material of her bra. She was consciously aware of them advertising her excitement though the shear material of her blouse. If she had not been wearing a jacket, he would have instantly known how hot she was for him. She crossed her legs, squeezing her thighs together and squeezing the muscles of her ass, which only seemed to make her nipples harder and her clit start twitching.

Read more…

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The New Scot?

Burgundy minikilt with antique brass hardware courtesy of StumpTown Kilts

Burgundy minikilt with antique brass hardware courtesy of StumpTown Kilts

As we approach the eve of the vote on Scotland’s independence, or not, and having spent a couple of days at the local Renaissance Faire over the past few weeks, I am thinking about buying myself a kilt. I found a new place called StumpTown Kilts that seem to make a nice looking piece of fabric. But what really caught my eye was the minikilt they offer. Which makes me wonder – would the rest of the world be cheering for or against independence if more of the bonnie lasses wore these? I feel a story coming on, and it has nothing to do with separation. If you happen to be a bonnie lass with one of these, I would love to see how you wear it.

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Anime, Manga, and Basketballs

I will admit that I am not a fan of anime or manga. For that matter, I was never that big into comic books either, but I will admit to owning the complete Watchmen before it came out as a movie, as well as Nick Fury vs. Shield. Beyond that it was never high on my list of things to read. I would rather have read Dune, or the Lord of the Rings, or maybe Dragonsriders of Pern. Lately I have been seeing more manga and anime references pop up on my feeds around the Internet. And as some of these are casual references that make me scratch my head, others … well, others are like Wonder Woman in her Lycra. Only bigger and more rounded. Yes, it is cartoon art, and yes, they are not real…blah blah blah.

As I have mentioned, maybe because I am getting older, these sorts of things do not hold the same fascination for me. Just like most naked pictures no longer seem to hold the same fascination. I appreciate the art, I am just not as interested in the, oh call it prurient value anymore unless it is advancing the story. But I am going to take a look at some anime recommended by a friend. I just hope the basketballs are kept to a minimum.

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I dreamt about you last night

I was watching television and you came in wearing next to nothing and said “I might get lucky.”

The television was quickly forgotten as I moved up to take you in my arms and kiss you and touch you. It was a wonderful feeling.

And then the scene shifed.

I dreamt of you last night.

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