Why I Deleted “Night Time Dream”

For my loyal readers, and those that had this in their libraries, let me start by apologizing. This “chapter” was never meant to be around so long.

For those who are new to my writing, allow me to say that I made a promise a long time ago.

When I wrote Luci, I wrote it by the seat of my pants, and like many authors on SOL, I pushed it up almost as soon as I wrote it.  This resulted in a story that was … to my mind, not well formed and not good.  I promised myself and my readers that I would never push a story that was not wholly complete. The story I pushed called “Night Time Dreams” was not a completed story. In fact, the chapter that was on SOL was called “Aftershocks” and it was the eight chapter of a much longer story.  A story that as yet is not finished, nor is likely to be finished in the near future.  Because it was an unfinished story, it violated both my promise and the SOL mandate of completed stories.  I could not let it stay.

If you spend some time, you will find a piece of it on this site. But as I said, it is not finished and it may never be finished.

And that is why I have asked for it to be removed from SOL.

Thanks for reading.

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