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What’s that old saying? Enquiring minds want to know? Maybe the January winds have knocked the dust off the rafters, but I am curious. For example: When you decided to sleep with Armand, what caused the change of heart? Did … Continue reading

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The Fitting Room

Sandy teased Rich and Craig unmercifully as they moved from store to store. They both volunteered to go shopping with her when she said she needed a new skirt. After the first two stores, where she was pretty sure she … Continue reading

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Angie’s Massive Mammaries

Once upon a time, I had a friend with a DD chest. 38DD to be specific, before she had children. Her favorite tease was to forgo her bra when I was around. Angie is not based on her. But I … Continue reading

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Next, 2021

Good evening and welcome to 2021. Maybe this year will allow us to kiss our loved ones, have unrestricted sex, and forget that one kiss might put us into the ER. And you thought AIDS was a deadly STD. So, … Continue reading

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