Angie’s Massive Mammaries

Once upon a time, I had a friend with a DD chest. 38DD to be specific, before she had children. Her favorite tease was to forgo her bra when I was around. Angie is not based on her. But I remember those days well. In her honor, here’s a small story.

Mike looked around the room. Something woke him from a deep sleep. He heard it. A banging. He waited. Jean would get it. It continued. Then he remembered that Jean was out of town. It was after midnight. Why did Jean’s girlfriends have to bang on his door when he was not there.

“OK, OK, I’m coming.”

He staggered to the door of the suite. The rest of the room was dark, which met his mood. Rather than looking out the peephole, he just pulled the door open.

“What the fuck?” he asked.

“You should wear pajamas.”

“There was fog, but the woman pushed past him, closed the door, then kissed him hard, while her hand grabbed his cock.”

“Strip me,” Angie said.

Mike shook his head.

“Angie, what? It’s the middle of the night.”

“Yeah, so strip me, fuck me, and let me cry on your shoulder.”

Mike shook his head again and finally noticed what she wore. A dress. A little black dress, heels, makeup, tear-streaked. And he was naked. His cock swelled slightly, but he tried not to focus on that.

“Sorry. Come on.”

He lead her back to his room, where he turned her around, unzipped her dress, and pulled it off. Underneath, she wore her best set, as she told him, and thigh high stockings.

“Sit,” he directed.

He removed her heels and then rolled her stockings down her legs as if he knew what he was doing. He reached up and pulled her panties off, then her bra with less emotion than a rock. He pulled her up and into the shower, where he washed her clean, stripped off her makeup, perfume, and glitter before he dried her off, and pulled her down next to him in bed. Her tears coursed hot trails across his chest as she cried. All the time, he just held her close against him, despite the throbbing in his groin. Her hand lay close to his erection, yet he still resisted.

“Sorry,” she said eventually.

“I’ll add it to your bill.”

“You’re silly.”

She hiccuped, then hit his chest.


“Want to talk about it?”

“No, yes. No.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“My boobs.”

“Your boobs? What about your boobs?”

“He hates my boobs.”

“He’s gay?”

“Might be.”

“Want to tell me?”

“He said my boobs were unnatural. Like, as in I got implants.”

“Does he need character witnesses?”


“If you keep hitting me, I will have bruises.”

“Sorry. Not your fault.”

“He can’t handle magnificent mammaries?”

“Clearly not.”

“His lost. Did he even get to find out how sensitive they were? How much you enjoyed having them played with? Come on, a tit fuck? He’s gay.”

Angie laughed through her tears as he described the options.

“Seriously, does he only like a full bush and A cups?”

“Probably,” she said with another hiccup.

“His loss.”


They laid together like that for several minutes.

“Mike, would you …”

“Anytime you want.”

Angie kissed him, gently at first, then with more passion, more desire, more need. She moved her body over his and held onto him as she plunged her tongue into his mouth. Mike held her close and kissed her back as she moved her hips over his. She mashed her tits into his chest.

“Rollover,” Mike said.



Angie rolled onto her back, and Mike moved her to the middle of the small bed where he straddled her waist.

“These,” he said, wrapping his hands around her tits, “are massive. They are also magnificent.”

He bent down and kissed both mountains before he sat back up and looked into her eyes.

“Last time, you wanted me to fuck them. But you wanted my cock inside of you more. Yeah, I don’t have to tote them around. But I love that you let me touch them, kiss them, tease them, and suck them.”

As he talked, he slid down until she could feel his cock.

“They excite me; they make me hard. If you want my cock between them, you have only to ask.”

He bent over and kissed her again.

“I want your cock inside me. Deep inside me. Now.”

Mike did not hesitate. He pushed her legs apart, then slid into her. Angie moaned. Mike moaned as well.

“Your cock is delicious,” she said.

“Your pussy is not so bad.”

He bent his head and sucked her nipple. Angie bowed her back, and he rammed into her.

“Fuck, yes. Do that.”

Angie did not hold back, and Mike gave her his all until she clamped down on him a moment before he filled her.

“Thank you, thank you,” she gasped. “Thank you.”

Angie fell asleep before he lay beside her. He pulled her into his arms, kissed her, and pulled up the sheet over them.

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