The Fitting Room

Sandy teased Rich and Craig unmercifully as they moved from store to store. They both volunteered to go shopping with her when she said she needed a new skirt. After the first two stores, where she was pretty sure she would not find what she wanted, she finally ducked into a trendy little place with tight rows and bright colours.

“How about this one,” Rich asked.

He held up a tight, A-line style flowered print skirt.

“No, this,” Craig said, with a pleated blue skirt.

“They’re both interesting,” she said, as she took them from the boys.

“We have a fitting room back here,” the salesgirl said, indicating a row near the back.

She held the door open for Sandy. When she did not close it immediately, she waved at the boys, and they followed her into the room.

“Think she’s watching on a closed-circuit?” Sandy whispered as her hands rubbed burgeoning erections.

“Could be,” Rich said.

“Wanna give her something to watch?”

Rather than wait for an answer, Sandy pulled down the zipper on the skirt she wore, and dropped it to the floor, then bent over the bench seat, wiggled her naked ass, and closed her eyes. She heard the zippers drop in unison, then a bit of shuffling before she felt a cock press against her swollen pussy lips. A moment later, she gasped as the cock disappeared inside her molten core. Her exhalation was interrupted by the head of another cock, pressed between her lips. A moment later, it slipped into her mouth, and she greedily swallowed it. Craig’s cock, she discovered because she sucked on Rich’s, pounded in and out of her pussy with abandon. She reached between her legs and found her clit. She pinched and rubbed it as she stroked Rich’s cock. The race was on, and she knew what she wanted. The pressure was too much for Craig, who poured his cum into Sandy’s cunt three pumps before Rich unloaded down her throat. She slurped down as much of Rich’s cum as she could. Some oozed out of the corner of her mouth as she finally brought herself off with a quiet gasp.

Rich shoved himself back into his jeans. Sandy turned around and cleaned up Craig’s cock before he put it away.

“That was fun,” she said. “Now, which skirt? I think the pleated one. Easier to push out of the way. What do you think?”

Both men pushed themselves against Sandy and kissed her.

“Definitely the pleated one,” she said.

She pulled on her skirt, and the three of them went out to pay. No one commented on the flush on the salesgirl’s face when they left.

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