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To Bush or Not to Bush, Part II

Back in February of 2021, I wrote a piece about pubic hair. Specifically, female pubic hair. I will not discuss the pros and cons here. I already did that. No, today I am going to talk about something slightly different, … Continue reading

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How Long Is Too Long?

Once Upon A Time All good stories should start that way. Once upon a time, I had a friend confess to me that she had once dated a guy, for a short period of time, and despite his prowess in … Continue reading

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To bush or not to bush

Full Disclosure: I am a male, so this is just my opinion. What you, as women, chose to do is really up to you. I have been debating the whole idea of female pubic hair display1. From my reading and … Continue reading

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What’s that old saying? Enquiring minds want to know? Maybe the January winds have knocked the dust off the rafters, but I am curious. For example: When you decided to sleep with Armand, what caused the change of heart? Did … Continue reading

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Undressing Without Me?

You know how much I like to watch.

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The Perfect Penis

We Talked to the Scientist Who Just Discovered the Perfect Penis – Broadly The women—who were told that the theoretical man attached to these potential penises was “kind, intelligent, funny, and has a great job”—generally selected a penis around 6.3″ … Continue reading

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This Is Not Much of a Surprise

A Study Found That People Enjoyed Sex More When High Than When Drunk As a result, these changes in sensation also appeared to impact the length and intensity of sex as well as orgasm. A 34-year-old female participant said she … Continue reading

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