To bush or not to bush

Full Disclosure: I am a male, so this is just my opinion. What you, as women, chose to do is really up to you.

I have been debating the whole idea of female pubic hair display1. From my reading and other discussions with actual women, there is a wide variety of opinions and preferences about whether a woman has a full bush or shaves bare. This can be for aesthetic reasons, for reasons of sensitivity, or other less exciting thoughts (it just looks better). While I have a preference, I am noticing a trend on the Internet where every woman is not only shaved but shaved bare, and I am not finding it attractive2. I sometimes wonder what a bit or more of hair would do to the image and whether it would be something I would not want to see.

I know that in the past, I have derived pleasure from seeing the multiple states and determining which one I prefer, aesthetically3, or learning which one my partner likes. Indeed, I cannot tell these models to let it grow back but sometimes I wish I could. I wonder if that reflects having grown up between the era of women with full bushes and then watching the trend to the bare pussy. Like most things in fashion, it will probably revert again. Or maybe not.

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