To Bush or Not to Bush, Part II

Back in February of 2021, I wrote a piece about pubic hair. Specifically, female pubic hair. I will not discuss the pros and cons here. I already did that. No, today I am going to talk about something slightly different, and that is my kink on the subject if you will pardon the pun. The removal of said bush.

Again, whether you are pro or anti, there is a segment of us men that derive a particular pleasure in helping our women groom their pussy, or, failing that, watching you do it. Regardless of how much or how little you wish to have removed, I get a sexual thrill out of helping you do it, whether with the modern tools of a properly tuned electric razor or the old-fashioned way with soap and a straight edge.

(I once knew a lady that preferred a cut-throat razor, the sharper, the better, and the closer the shave, the wetter she got, but she also had a thing about knives too.)

So, as a public service, if you are the type that (semi)-regularly trims your pubic hair, perhaps you would like to invite your partner to help with the process. You might be surprised at the results.

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