This Is Not Much of a Surprise

A Study Found That People Enjoyed Sex More When High Than When Drunk

As a result, these changes in sensation also appeared to impact the length and intensity of sex as well as orgasm. A 34-year-old female participant said she felt like her orgasms “magnified at least by five times” after partaking in ganja, while others noted they couldn’t climax while high because they couldn’t focus.

It is an interesting if small sample size study. I can attest to enjoying sex more when I have had a drink or two. I think part of it is the impairment that makes it harder to focus on my orgasm, which makes the experience last longer. I am not someone who smokes marijuana, I cannot comment on the effects it has on me.

I can see how especially for women this might be beneficial. Many studies have said that for women, sex is ninety percent mental. When there is some form of repression, either because of body image, distraction, or other issues, it is no surprise that women have problems. This is not to say men do not, but the studies for me seem to indicate that the mind game is less important. If you can lower the resistance or repression, then the ability to have more enjoyable sex would go up, one would suppose.

I have a friend who would get horny when she drank. She would frequently text me when she was in this state. I have to admit it did make for some interesting interactions. She certainly seemed more interested in sex when she drank, then when she did not. Is this demonstrative? No, but it is illustrative.

What is your take on the subject? What experience do you have?

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