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Happy Canada Day 🎉

A very happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians. A special shout out to my follower from Hamilton who drops by from time to time. Thanks for reading! 🇨🇦

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What’s that old saying? Enquiring minds want to know? Maybe the January winds have knocked the dust off the rafters, but I am curious. For example: When you decided to sleep with Armand, what caused the change of heart? Did … Continue reading

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Nick looked at her. She lay on her back, one man between her legs, his cock buried deep in her snatch. Two men stood beside her, where they mauled her tits as her hand, wrapped around each cock, stroked them … Continue reading

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Art Therapy

It has been a rough month, there is no doubting that. Stress from continued enforced confinement, long hours at work, and other inconsequential things have seemed to just pile on this month. Add to it that the wether has been … Continue reading

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A New Story To Write

I wonder what it will say?

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Saturday Sex Tip

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The New Scot?

As we approach the eve of the vote on Scotland’s independence, or not, and having spent a couple of days at the local Renaissance Faire over the past few weeks, I am thinking about buying myself a kilt. I found … Continue reading

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