Nick looked at her. She lay on her back, one man between her legs, his cock buried deep in her snatch. Two men stood beside her, where they mauled her tits as her hand, wrapped around each cock, stroked them in time to the pounding of her cunt. At her head, someone else fed their cock down her throat. Her body glistened with sweat and rivulets of cum. In the shadows, men and a couple of women were in various states of undress, some putting their clothes on, others taking them off. Some women knelt between one man, sucking a cock, while they stroked off one or two others. In some cases, women were the ones being sucked by man or woman. He was not surprised to see a couple of men sucking each other deeper in the shadows.

The man, feeding his cock down Jany’s throat, gave a massive groan, and Nick watched as his cock swelled. She choked at the first shot but swallowed down the rest of his sperm as he shot it into her mouth. At the other end, the guy tensed up, froze, and based on the bowing of her back, and Nick assumed he was witnessing another satisfied customer.

“More, more, more,” Jany panted, and another figure stepped forward.

Nick recognized her immediately. Her name was Regina, but everyone called her Reggie, and she was as lesbian as the day was long. That Reggie climbed between Jany’s legs next was only mildly surprising to Nick. He figured the men were busy because Reggie settled into place and sucked the cum out of her cunt like an old pro. Nick watched her tongue flick over Jany’s clit, and Jany’s back bowed in another, harder orgasm as the cocks she pumped exploded all over her body. The men fell away, spent for the moment. Three more men moved forward. Jany’s head lolled back and forth as she looked at each of them between slitted eyes. Her hand reached out to the man with the largest cock and dragged him forward to where she could bend her neck enough to take it in her mouth. Once his cock was down her throat, she reached for the two remaining cocks and pulled on them. She cried out again, around the cock in her mouth as Reggie sucked her to another orgasm. Her hands sped up on the two cocks she squeezed, and they were soon adding their cum to the goo that covered her body.

She took her hands from them and moved her body enough that she could stroke the cock in her mouth as she sucked it at the same time. The guy started panting. Nick watched her slide a hand between his legs, and suddenly he gasped, froze, and his ass cheeks flexed rhythmically as she sucked his cum out of his balls. He gasped and fell against the table before he slipped away from her. She cried out again as Reggie’s tongue brought her off. Nick watched as Reggie sat back. Her face glistened with the cum from between Jany’s thighs, and the smile on her face did not quite reach her eyes. Nick wondered what passed through her mind as Jany’s head continued to roll back and forth, lost in her lust. In the shadows, he heard the wet sounds of sucking and fucking, but no one stood up to take their turn.

A hand wrapped itself around Nick’s waist, while another slid over his chest and between the seams of his dress shirt. The fingertips circled his nipple.

“Going to take your turn?” the soft voice asked.

The hand around his waist slipped over the bulge in his pants. It squeezed gently while the finger under his shirt flicked his nipple.

“No. I don’t think so.”

“Then come have a turn with me, show me how powerful your tongue is when it flicks my clit. Take me hard and deep; make me cum on your pole.”

“Don’t tease me,” I said.

Her hand squeezed more rhythmically on my erection.

“I am not teasing. Yet.”

I spun around, as best I could with her hands holding me and wrapped my hand in her hair before I kissed her hard, and deep, my tongue imitating what my cock wanted to do to her, invade her, deep and thrusting. She moaned against the invasion but did not pull back. Instead, she ground her hips against my erection.

“Are you going to take me to bed, or are we just going to fuck here in front of everyone?” Sophie asked.

“They wouldn’t notice.”

“Unless you had to move Reggie out of the way of my cunt to shove that pole into me.”

“Good point.”

I looked over my shoulder. Reggie was astride Jany’s face, and Jany seemed to be lapping away for all she was worth. Two guys had fastened themselves to her nipples while a third fucked in and out of her pussy. The froth of the previous residents clear at their juncture.

“Maybe you should go over there and stick a finger in Reggie’s ass,” Sophie whispered, then nipped at my ear.

“She would enjoy it. Come on.”

We left the room to the sound of Reggie’s orgasm. Or maybe it was Jany’s. I could not tell.

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