Anime, Manga, and Basketballs

I will admit that I am not a fan of anime or manga. For that matter, I was never that big into comic books either, but I will admit to owning the complete Watchmen before it came out as a movie, as well as Nick Fury vs. Shield. Beyond that it was never high on my list of things to read. I would rather have read Dune, or the Lord of the Rings, or maybe Dragonsriders of Pern. Lately I have been seeing more manga and anime references pop up on my feeds around the Internet. And as some of these are casual references that make me scratch my head, others … well, others are like Wonder Woman in her Lycra. Only bigger and more rounded. Yes, it is cartoon art, and yes, they are not real…blah blah blah.

As I have mentioned, maybe because I am getting older, these sorts of things do not hold the same fascination for me. Just like most naked pictures no longer seem to hold the same fascination. I appreciate the art, I am just not as interested in the, oh call it prurient value anymore unless it is advancing the story. But I am going to take a look at some anime recommended by a friend. I just hope the basketballs are kept to a minimum.

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