Dinner with Rachel and Kathryn

I was standing in line at the convenience store, getting myself a bottle of soda when I noticed that it was “have a drink with…” season again. You know, that company with the red soda cans? They put random names on the cans and bottles? And it might be a friend of yours or someone you might never have met. I had two in my hand, and the names on them were Rachel and Katheryn, so I wondered what might happen if I had drinks with them. And that went from drinks to dinner, to dessert, to a story. A day later, I had another pair of bottles in my hands, and yes, another story idea. So here are the stories, based on nothing more than the names I pulled at random out of the refrigerator. So here I present the first of the Red Soda stories. Just a bit of fun and fluff.

Up first, Dinner with Rachel and Kathryn. This story is MFF with anal play. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading.

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