A Textual Exchange

I’m horny

I looked at the unknown number for a minute, and having nothing better to do, I responded.

OK, how can I help?

I was just laying here, thinking about your tongue on my clit.



And was my tongue flicking your clit, or was it rolling around it and teasing it? Was it lapping up your wetness in long slow strokes from your ass to your nub? Or was it poking its way into whatever crevice it could find and worming about?

Damn, yes, all of it.

All of it? That makes me sound indecisive. I am not indecisive. I would start with the long, slow, languid licks, tasting all of you. Making sure I understood the lay of the land as it were. Feeling your legs shiver at this first invasion of your most private place

Oh, yes, please.

Then I would see what I had to work with. A few passes around the outside of your clit, making sure to only brush it with my tongue. Gauging its hardness, its readiness. Encouraging you to move around a bit.

I am moving now.

Tease the bud of your ass. Ensure that you are fully open to my explorations. And then I would get serious. Are your nipples hard yet?

Oh, hard and eager. Waiting for your touch.

I like hard and eager nipples. It makes it more fun when I wrap my lips around your clit and suck. It leaves my hands free to pinch and pull your nipples, making sure your pleasure centers are connected and every sensation rockets through your body.

Oh, I need you, I need you. I am so wet right now. I need something inside me.

Have a toy? Feel free to use it.

I think tonight I need the big one.

You just want me to suck your clit until it explodes, bathing my face with your juices. You want me to make your pussy clench so hard nothing can pass those velvety folds. You want to cum so hard your back bows.

Oh, fuck, yes!

Are you full now? You pussy wrapped around that fake dick, thrusting in and out of your wetness?

There was no immediate response. I picked up my scotch and had a sip while I waited. If she was as horny as she indicated, I guessed she was now rubbing her clit raw while she pounded her cunt with the big one. I continued to wait and gently rubbed my own erection.

Whew. I haven’t cum like that in a while

Take the edge off?

Yeah, a little. Thanks. Can you come over?

That would be a bit of a challenge. I am pretty sure we are not even in the same neighborhood, much less the same state at the moment.


Let me put this another way. Who are you?


I waited a minute or two.

It’s Gail.

Pleasure to meet you Gail. Vic here. I am in Los Angeles at the moment. Where are you? If I am going to come over that is.

The next pause was a bit more protracted.

I’m in Casper. I’m sorry.

For what?

Disturbing you.

Well, I am a bit flustered at the moment, but hardly disturbed.

LOL, I guess I should take credit for that.

By all means. After all, I did lick your pussy, at least virtually.

And you did such a good job. There is a puddle under my ass.

Mission accomplished then.

Mostly. I am still horny.

The big one didn’t do the trick?

Oh, it is well used, but no, not completely.

Anything I can do to help?

Can you come over 😉

Sorry, not tonight 🙂

Lick my nipples?

I would love to lick your nipples, Gail. And since I can only lick one at a time, I am going to let my hand wander over your other one.

Yes, that would work.

Lick it until it is hard and responsive, alternating between sucking it and licking it, and then roll it with my teeth, biting down enough for you to feel it.


Pinch the other one at the same time so there is increased pressure.

Harder, harder!

Oh, I see. A little pain to heighten your pleasure.

Yes, please.

Shall I pull them? Cup your tits and pull on your nipples until they are stretched.

How did you know I like that?

Just a hunch

Are you naked?

No. Should I be?

Makes it easier for me to suck your cock if you are naked.

I thought you were horny?

I am one of those girls that gets off sucking dick.

I have never met one like that. Let me get naked.

I had to put the dildo back in. I feel so empty, but I am so wet it keep sliding out.

You need to brace it with something.

It does have a base.

Get on your knees. Suck my cock and ride your dong.


I am naked now.

About time. I am bouncing up and down as I look at your cock, run my hands along its length, gauge its firmness. Feel the way the head compresses under my finger before I take it in my mouth.

If I wasn’t hard before, I am now

I want to feel your balls in my hand. Weigh them, roll them as I suck you length into my throat. I want to bury my nose in the skin at the base of your cock.


I want to choke on your length before I back off it enough to bounce it in and out of my wet lips. I want to lick it and suck on the head until you can’t take it anymore.

Getting close.

I want to make it quick. Make you cum fast and hard, down my throat so I can suck you back to stiffness and ram my dripping cunt.

Here it cums.

Yes, yes, more, more.

Nothing more to give.

There was another pause and I imagined that Gail was having another orgasm astride her big, fake dick. And I was right. I couple of minutes later, she sent me a picture of her face, her hair in disarray, a flush spreading down her through.

Hello Gail

I sent a similar picture back to her.

Hello Vic.

Better now?

Better, but still not sated. Thank you. Can I keep this number?

I don’t see why not. If for no other reason that you get horny again.

Oh, I am sure that will happen. Maybe next time, we can do it by video.

I admit that I am looking forward to her next message.

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