At The Sink

Maybe, if I write this one down, I can get it out of my head.

We were both showered. You were standing at the sink, playing with your hair. I slipped up behind you, put my hands on your hips, and kissed your neck where it met your upraised arms.

“What was that for?”

“Just because.”

I kissed the other side while I slipped my hands up to cup your breasts. You gasped and squirmed. I kissed your spine as I pulled gently on your nipples while squeezing your breasts in my hands.

“I am going to be late,” you gasped.

Rather than answer I continued to kiss your neck and pull on your nipples. You pushed your ass back against me, and the head of my hardening cock rolled across your clit. You juices started to flow over my cock as teased more. You moaned and braced your hands on the sink and trapped my arms where I could only manipulate your tits. You started to gasp as you pushed your ass back and forth over my cock. You pushed up onto your toes, twisted your hips and dropped down onto the head of my cock. You sighed as you forced it entirely into your body. You bent over to brace your arms on the counter where you could leverage your position. I pulled and pinched your nipples as I pumped my cock slowly in and out of your wet snatch.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” you panted.

You moved your arm so you could drop a hand down to finger your clit. I took my free hand and started to play with your ass. I slipped my thumb in, and you gasped and all but threw yourself back at my body. I could feel my orgasm getting close as we pistoned against each other. You gasped and cried out a second before my cock throbbed and filled your depths with my cum. We pushed back and forth a couple more times before you slumped against me. I caught you around the waist until you could support yourself. You pushed my cock out, then turned around to kiss me. You shoved your tongue into my mouth and pulled me against you with leg until there was nothing between us.

“Come on,” you said as you pulled me towards the shower.

“You’re going to be late,” I said.

“Yes, very late.”

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