Happy Heart Day

Yes, I know you do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. That does not mean I cannot think of you today. In fact, I did. I had a beautiful dream as I woke up this morning. It went something like this.

I could smell you as you lowered your pussy over my mouth. My hands slid along your legs as you finished positioning yourself over me, and bent down to take my stiff cock into your mouth. I probed your clit gently before I swiped my tongue back along your slit to your puckered ass. I poked my tongue into your ass, and you gasp shook your body. My cock was suddenly released as your breathing came in ragged gasps. I smiled to myself as my tongue wandered back along your slit, pausing to slide deeper into your pussy before it made its way back to your clit. My hands moved from your legs, up your side and around to cup your breasts and squeeze your nipples. You pushed your hips down, forcing your clit into my mouth as you back bowed from the sensations that coursed from your nipples to your clit. I sucked on your hot button.

You cried out with a whimper. I could feel you quiver a moment before your orgasm shook your body. I sucked harder on your clit as you writhed around above me. You hand held the base of my cock, either to keep from falling off or for extra stability. The energy from your orgasm left you spent. You slumped down on top of me. Your tongue traced lazy patterns up and down my erection as you got your breathing back under control. The heat of your breath felt like a furnace blowing directly onto me. I am sure I shivered a moment before I woke up and found you gone.

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