Out For A Stroll

It was late enough in the morning that the commuters had already vacated the neighborhood, and early enough that the soccer moms had not yet stirred beyond their doors. Most of the houses were locked up, blinds down, ready for the day. It was also early enough that the heat of the coming day had only just begun to show its power. I used to take the dog for a walk along this route, but those days were past. Still, I needed to get my exercise, and as much as I dislike exercise, it was a nice walk.

I noticed her long before she saw me. I doubt she knew I was there until we were almost across from each other. She was so involved in the phone conversation she was having. She wore a t-shirt from the local University and short, loose shorts that barely covered her shapely ass where it rested against the bumper of the car in the driveway. She had no shoes, and her hair looked like she had just gotten out of bed. I would not have given her a second look, except that her free hand kept sliding along her thigh. As I got closer, I noted that she would slip a finger up inside the leg of her shorts. It would disappear for a moment then reappear as her hand pushed back down her leg. As I drew closer, it was clear her breasts were unencumbered as her nipples tented the front of her t-shirt. Her eyes flicked up towards me as her finger disappeared again. She winked at me, said something, then looked at me again. Her finger was still inside her shorts, and now I was parallel with her. I could see what she did. Her thumb stroked one puffy pussy lip. She winked again and pulled the finger out of her shorts. She held her finger up to her lips, urging me to silence, then looked around quickly. A large hedge lined the driveway on one side. She said something, then hung up the phone. She moved to the hedge side of the car, where she was shielded from the windows of the house and wiggled her finger for me to follow.

I moved up the driveway and stood a foot or so away from her. She smiled again and pulled the leg of her shorts up, then slipped her finger under and across her nether lips. She shuttered slightly, then looked down. She made a small moue when she saw that I was missing some of the show. She pulled her finger out. It glistened with her moisture, and she licked it quickly before she pushed her shorts down to her knees. Her pussy was bare, swollen with pleasure, and wet. She slid her hand back down and slipped a finger between her lips. She circled her clit, and a low moan escaped her lips. I could see the muscles in her legs twitch with pleasure and an effort to support her weight. I heard the sounds of squishing flesh as her passion increased, and her pussy oozed more of her juice. Her eyes were lidded. She was lost in her own world while her hand moved with increased speed. She alternated between sliding fingers inside while she pinched and poked her clit. Her orgasm built quickly, and she covered her mouth with her other arm as she cried out. She muffled the sound as she bent over. She dropped her arm and panted. I could see the teeth marks from where she had mashed it against her mouth. She pulled her hand out from between her legs. It glistened in the early sunshine.

She winked at me again, then smiled, before she pulled her shorts back up to her waist. She crooked her finger at me, and I stepped forward. When I was arm’s length away, she offered one of her wet fingers. I sucked it clean, tasting her fresh dew. She slipped her hand around my head and pulled me forward. We kissed slowly, quickly, our tongues danced before she let me go. She pulled her phone up, tapped a couple of buttons then passed it to me. I got the message and typed in my number before I passed it back to her. She kissed me again quickly and then went back into her house while I went back to my stroll.

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