The Knife

Once upon a time, I knew a lovely lady who had a thing for the cold touch of steel on her skin. The more intimate the area, the wetter she would get. She could cum almost with the touch of the point to her nipple. Her clit would bounce if you scrapped it just so. She must have snuck into my dreams last night…

My focus was on a cable that seemed unwilling to give up the plastic shroud that covered the wires underneath, so I was not paying any attention to the rest of the activity on the stage behind me until I hear the cry and then thunk. I looked over my shoulder to see Ali squirming on the floor. Several others crowded around her. I went back to my cable until I hear the cry for help.

“Anyone got a knife, or a really sharp pair of scissors?” one of the hands cried out.

“I do,” I said, as I stood up.

I walked over to the scene and looked down. Ali’s face was turning a funny shade of blue. My steps quickened as I dropped to my knees next to her. Somehow she had gotten a piece of fishing line wrapped around her neck and arms in such away that when she moved, she strangled herself.

“Back, everyone back,” I said as I pulled my blade out of my pocket.

“It’s OK Ali. Hang on breath slowly, small sips. You will feel the knife blade against your neck. It’s OK.”

“As I talked I watched her eyes. They went from panic stricken to relaxed to something else I did not immediately identify. As the steel touched her skin, I caught a gentle flare of her nostrils. As the dull side slid along the skin over her pulse, I watched it jump in her neck.

“Relax Ali, relax. This might hurt a bit.”

Her eyes fluttered as the blade slipped under the line and it bit into the other side of her neck.

“Damn,” I said.

I slid the knife back and released the tension. There was a gentle sheen of sweat on her forehead and upper lip as the blade rested against her. I looked around the set for something to pad the other side.

“Jim, grab the first aid kit. I need a couple of gauze pads. Don’t open the packages, just toss them over.”

“Hang on, Ali, just another minute.”

She nodded with her eyes, trying to stay relaxed. I picked the blade up again and moved it out of the way. Ali whimpered and closed her eyes. Everyone was focused on Jim. I looked at Ali.

“The knife?”

As as said it, I slid the dull side back against her neck. Ali relaxed and stiffened at the same time as I slid it along her neck. Her pulse beat strongly under its touch.

“It excites you?”

She shivered strongly under my touch.

“Here you go, Mick,” Jim said as he thrust the packages into my hand.

I folded one and put it under the opposite side between her skin and the line. If my motions seemed slow, calculated, I was hoping that everyone else would think I was just being careful, rather than continuing to raise the sexual tension in Ali’s body. I could only drag it out so long and deftly cut the line, releasing her enough that we could begin to untangle her. Ali kept hold of my hands as the others carefully pulled the line back from her body. I could see a bit of pleading in her eyes as she looked down at her hands. There was line wrapped around her wrists. I teasingly played the point of the blade along her thumb before moving it into position to cut through the line. She whimpered a bit as I did this and squeezed the hand she held.

“All clear,” Jim said as he and two others stuffed the line into a garbage pail.

“Thanks. You OK now?” I asked as we helped Ali to the couch on set.

She kept hold of my hand the entire way as I slowly folded my blade and put it away. I watched her eyes follow it all the way.

“When you are feeling better, shall we play some more,” I whispered as we sat down.

Ali answered by running her hand along the inside of my thigh, before she found my cock under my jeans and squeezed it gently. I kissed the top of her head as others took over to nurse her while I went back to working on my wire which finally gave up it’s fight and let me secure it to the plug.

“Gail, this one’s done,” I said, passing it up to her.

We ignored the activity on stage. Despite Ali’s incident, we still had to get things ready, so I kept working on my part and tried not to think about Ali. At least not too much. Something about her fetish had turned me on too. Not that I could ever hurt her. Ali was a sweet, sexy little thing, but none of us would do anything to hurt her.

“Mick, we need some more ten gage,” Rick said from his location in crow’s nest.

“With or without plugs?”

“What good is it without plugs?” he called.

I just shrugged. I could think of numerous things he could do with ten gage wire, but if he needed suggestions, I was not going to give them to him.

“Be there in a bit. How many?”

“Six by six.”

I waved at him and walked down the stairs and into the back hall, around a corner and down another set of stairs to the bowels of the theater were you could find a little of everything. We had a small walled off area where we kept the electrics. When we worked, the door was unlocked and I pulled it open. There was a light overhead but I left it off as I walked to the back wall and pulled down the six foot extension Rick wanted.

“Thank you,” Ali said.

She wrapped her hands around my waist and hugged me from behind. I turned around without her letting me go and she hugged me again and pressed her soft body against me. I slipped my hands around her and held her close. She looked up at me and our lips moved together. Her kiss was sweet and soft with just a little tongue as her hands held me tight.

“I have to get back,” she said quietly,” but I had an orgasm just as you released my hands.”

She kissed me again and slipped away. I did not know what to say, so I picked up my cords and went back upstairs.

Opening night arrived as it always does. Most of us hide out backstage as the actors take their bows, and I hide more than most. I had a second hideaway behind the electrics cabinet that I often retired to when the main play began. I thought that no one knew about my hiding place, but I was wrong. I was watching a movie on my iPad when a shadow indicated someone was there. I looked up and saw Ali looking back at me. She smiled softly at me. She wore a white blouse and short kilt with ballet flats on her feet.

“Can I come in?”

“Of course.”

I sat up and left a spot on the couch for her to sit down. She could sit as close or as far away from me as she wanted. Ali elected to sit astride my lap where she wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her tongue in my mouth. I gasped as I shoved my tongue back against her and rested my hands on her hips before I reached around a squeezed her ass. She moaned back into my mouth as she ground her crotch against mine.

“Someone’s excited this evening,” I said.

“Oh fuck yes. I keep thinking about the edge of your blade touching my skin, which makes me wet, so I have to play with myself, and it starts again.”

She ground against me against and kissed me.

“Please tell me you have your knife on you.”

“I did.”

“We have three hours. Cut these clothes off of me, slowly. I want to cum hard, each time you touch me. Tie my hands up and pound me, then cut me loose.”

“Sure we can do all that in three hours?”

“How many people come down here?”

“During opening night? No, one, and I have padded the room. If I slide the panel closed, no one should hear us even if they do.”

“Then who cares how long it takes.”

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