Movie Day

Gwyneth lay back on her bed. Light from outside and two point sources covered her ebony skin, dispelling most of the shadows. She smiled at the occasional click of the camera’s shutter. Her hand occasionally stroked her tit or pinched an erect nipple. Her favorite dildo lay close beside her, currently turned off. She was naked, and this was nothing she would have ever done, yet oddly, it excited her more than she thought it would, but whether it was the lead-up, the act of someone else taking pictures of her, or just laying here exposed, she did not know, but she was still excited.

He moved around the bed, taking pictures and occasionally glancing at the monitor attached to the video camera.

“Please, play,” he said.

He continued to snap pictures while she started to play seriously with her body. She pinched her nipples, squeezed her tits, and ran a hand down between her legs, where she pinched her clit and experienced the first tremors of lust. She pulled her dildo close, turned it on, and ran it over her body before she focused it on her clit. The ongoing clicks of the shutter were lost in the whir of the dildo as she played. A moment later, she plunged it into her pussy and started its thumping motion.

“You’ll get better results if you give me some incentive,” she said.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Get naked and get closer.”

She watched him as he put down the camera and then pushed down his loose shorts. He kicked them to the side, picked up the camera again, and walked over to the side of the bed. She reached out with her free hand and wrapped it around the root of his erection before she rolled over onto her side and moved to where she could suck his cock down her throat as she continued to pump her pussy with the toy.

She reached around him and grabbed his ass to pull him closer so she could take all of him. He continued to take pictures, marveling at the contrast between her dark skin and his white cock where it disappeared inside her mouth. She groped his ass until she found his puckered asshole with the tip of a finger a moment before she penetrated it. His hips rammed forward, and she thrust the dildo deep inside her body. Her orgasm triggered his, and his seed poured down her throat. They groaned with ecstasy momentarily before she spat him out and pistoned her toy, frantically starting another gushing orgasm.

“If I’d known you wanted to be spit roasted, I would have found an appropriate third.”

She reamed her gash and came again as the image of another cock spurred her forward. The camera kept going, and she collapsed from exhaustion.

“I guess I’ll start looking for a suitable stunt cock,” he said with a laugh.

She sighed as another tremor rolled through her.

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