Strange Dreams

Last night, my subconscious must have been cleaning the attic. I won’t bore you with the one about the Muppets and the frog burgers, but I did have one that I think has a kernel of a story in it.  Here is what I remember.

A friend said they needed a fourth for bridge and having no idea what he was talking about, since neither he, nor I play bridge, I decided to go with him.  We pulled up in front of a large house, made of field stone and leaded windows.  A valet took our coats and we were shown into a library like room were another half dozen men were waiting.  We were offered a drink and made small talk for a few minutes before a woman entered the room.  She was charismatic, as opposed to beautiful, and dressed conservatively in a dove grey skirt and jacket.  She asked us to follow her and we did.

She walked down a hallway and into another room.  It might have been the dining room, or a small ballroom in the past.  The walls were in shadows and in the middle of the room, lit, but subtly, were eight women all wearing a form of the little black dress. We were instructed to stand next to a woman and with no other instruction than that, I stepped up to the one closest to me.  She introduced herself quietly as Nancy and we faced into the center where the woman in grey had moved.

“Ladies, this is your final exam.  You are too seduce the man next to you.  Make him want you.  You are being graded.”  With that she stepped back into the shadows.

Now I am not sure what happened after that, it gets a little fuzzy, but that is the nature of dreams.  But I really think there is a story in there.  What do you think?

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