Another Dream

I had another night time dream…

Every night, the ride home held something different. Everyone was in a hurry to get home and there was always someone trying to capitalize on the flow of traffic rushing to catch their train, bus, or other mode of conveyance. But this night was different. She was dragging her feet, in no hurry to fight with the crowds. So when she came upon the gathering in the mezzanine of the main station, instead of just rushing past, she slowed and looked at the excitement. The area was set up like a small bar, showing off the product of the day. She slipped past a couple of gawkers and into the small island of calm.

“Good evening, tonight we are sampling…,”

She did not really listen to the pitch, taking the small plastic glass in her hand and making appreciative noises as she sampled the liquor. It went down smooth and she found her glass refilled with another sampling and moved to another table where there were several other women chatting. She smiled as she joined the group, a small bottle of the liquor in the center of the table. There was a worker taking opinions on a clip board but it was really more of an excuse for a free drink and a moment to catch her breath that she was looking for. There were several business men circulating, trying to make time with the women in the area. She pretended not to notice them as they moved past her and focused on a striking woman across the table from her. The woman too, treated them like little more than the passing wind and smirked across the table at her.

“It never fails,” she said quietly. “They circle me like moths to a flame. Sometimes I wish I was born ugly.”

“As someone who was,” she said, “you never want to wish that.”

“Dear, you are not ugly,” she said, smiling, her green eyes flashing. “Now, you might be deliberately dressing down, or hiding, but you are certainly not ugly. My name is Amanda, by the way.”

“Erin. Pleased to meet you,” Erin said, finishing off what was left in her glass.

Amanda reached for the bottle and poured some more into each of their glasses before continuing.

“What surprises me is the constant attempts they make.”

Erin looked around at the men, and noticed that none of them were giving her a second look.

“It isn’t something I have experienced I am afraid,” she said.

“Well, I am sure that if we got you into a tailored dress, you would turn more than a few heads. Not that you are not turning a few heads. The gentleman in the grey suit, two tables over, has been looking over his shoulder at you a couple of time.”

“More likely looking at you, or looking for his wife.”

“Look now.”

Erin looked up and caught the man’s eyes. He smiled back at her and winked. She was caught dumbfounded for a moment before she got her wits about her and smiled back. He took that for an opening and walked over to stand beside her.

“I would ask if this seat is taken, but since we are all standing, I guess it might be better to ask if you object to me standing here and talking to you. Derek, by the way.”

Erin gave him a quick once over. Tall, but not so tall as to tower over her. Not heavy, but his better years were behind him and he carried the weight of middle age. His eyes were light blue and his blond hair was going white, but still attractive.

“Erin, my friend Amanda,” Erin said by way of introduction.

Derek saluted Amanda with his glass and turned his attention back to Erin.

“Erin, if you do not mind me saying, you are by far the most attractive woman here today. At the risk of having your husband hunt me down, I would dearly like to kiss you. Looking into your eyes, I can see the passion there, banked, waiting to be released, and I would dearly love to release it, be consumed by it and have it wash over us, leaving nothing behind.”

As he said this, he had taken her hand and as he finished, he kissed the top of it, his eyes twinkling.

“Oh. My.” Erin and Amanda said at the same time.

“I think I am wet just hearing that,” Amanda said.

“I know I am,” Erin thought to herself. To Derek, she said, “I am speechless. And I am not going to tell my husband.”

Derek smiled again, but did not relinquish her hand. “Then I certainly hope that someday we can discover just how much passion you have banked. But I am afraid that I have to leave for a dinner appointment. Have a wonderful evening ladies.”

With a final squeeze and a kiss of her hand, he slipped into the crowd, but in the opposite direction.

“You didn’t even get his number,” Amanda said.

“And what would I do with his number?” Erin asked, shaking her head. “It isn’t like I could actually sleep with him now could I?”

“And why not?” Amanda asked. “He was hot, and he wanted you in ways that made me wet.”

Erin smiled a little and finished off her drink. The alcohol had made her slightly light headed and carefree.

“He was cute wasn’t he? And he did smell good.”

“Mmmm,” Amanda said, gripping her lower lip with her teeth. “Well, he is gone now.”

“I suppose I could put ‘Seeking You’ in tomorrow’s paper,” Erin said.

“That’s it,” Amanda agreed and quickly pulled out her phone. “Let’s see, if we said ‘You, a gentleman who inspired my passion, me, my passion banked but wanting release. Didn’t get your number. Email me at…'”

“You can’t write that!”

“Already done, what email do you want to use?” Amanda asked, her eyes twinkling.

Erin gave her a throw-away address and Amanda typed it into to the message and hit send.

“Now, with any luck, you will have a hot date this week,” Amanda said.

“You are terrible,” Erin said, finding her glass still had liquid in it and quickly polished it off. “Amanda, it has been a pleasure to meet you and you have my email address, so drop me your contact information and I will let you know what happens.”

“Did that too. Mind if I walk with you. I have to catch my train as well.”

The two ladies walked arm and arm into the mezzanine. Erin could not remember the last time she had clicked so quickly with anyone, much less two people. Derek, with only a couple of words had left her tingling and wet, something only one other man had done to her. And, oddly she felt attracted to Amanda. It was a completely different sort of attraction, but still strong. They passed through the doors and out onto the platform.

“Well, this is where I leave you,” Erin said, turning to go down the steps to her train when Amanda pulled her close against her.

The feeling of warmth and desire passed through Erin as she looked up into Amanda’s eyes. If she had been asked where the emotion came from, she would not have been able to say, but she found herself tilting her head as their lips met. Amanda’s mouth was open and Erin took the initiative. She had never kissed a woman but her tongue felt right sliding into Amanda’s mouth. Amanda moaned and bit down slightly, wrapping her own tongue around Erin’s, making Erin moan back in return. Amanda held Erin’s head between her hands, her fingers played over Erin’s ears sending tingles of excitement through her entire body.

The kiss only lasted a few moments, but left both women breathless as they stared into each other’s eyes. The announcement of departing trains broke their reverie and they separated, each looking over her shoulder at the other as they quickly ran to their respective trains. For the thirty minute ride home, Erin’s mind was in complete turmoil, but there was no question of her excitement. When she reached her stop, she hurried to her car and locked herself inside, panting.

Her nipples were hard pebbles under her bra, her clit was tingling so much she thought that the least touch would send her off. She replayed the evening again in her mind as her hand slid under the hem of her dress, her fingers stroking her clit. The fireworks exploded through her body as the orgasm crashed into her, her breath coming in gasps. As the waves of pleasure slowed and she got her breathing back under control, she pulled herself together and started the engine. It was a short ride to her house, and she hoped the boys were otherwise occupied. She needed some time alone with her toys before she could face them.

The lights were on as she pulled the car into the driveway and she took a deep breath to compose herself before she got out of the car and locked it. She slipped her key in the door and let herself into the house, closing and locking the door behind her. She could hear the voices of her sons in the basement, likely playing video games. A moment later she heard the click of pool balls and knew her husband was at the pool table letting off some steam. That made it easy for her to hang up her coat, slip off her shoes and quickly move upstairs to her bedroom without being intercepted.

Again she, quickly closed and locked the door behind her, her body trembling with sexual energy. With a single motion, she pulled the work dress over her head and let it drop to the floor, forgotten. She reached behind her back and loosened her bra and it joined the dress on the floor. She cupped her breasts, squeezing them and pinching the nipples and drawing a sharp, audible moan from deep inside her. It seemed they were more sensitive and the most erotic things she had ever encountered. She spent several minutes pinching and squeezing them, making her wetter and wetter with each touch. In her mind, it was Amanda squeezing them and she had a vision of Amanda bending her head to take one into her mouth and suck on it. This brought another strong groan from her and she felt her inner muscles clench.

She pushed her panties and hose down in a fluid motion and reached for her bedside drawer, pulling out a long, thick, but otherwise unremarkable glass rod and her most powerful bullet vibrator before flinging herself onto the bed, legs up and bent. She ran the glass dildo between the folds of her nether lips, the chill of the glass only further inflaming the passion coursing through her clit and labia heating the glass and getting it slippery enough to ram into her, which she did with one hard shove, stars exploding in her vision as she pulled her knees further up and getting even deeper penetration. Her muscles spasmed again around the thick intruder and she imagined Derek above her, his hard length buried inside her. Where these thoughts were coming from she did not know, but that did not make them any less welcome at the moment. A quick push started the vibrator and she applied it to her clit and pushed herself up the cliff towards release.

The first orgasm slammed into her and bent her spin up off the bed as she tried, unsuccessfully to manipulate both vibrator and dildo. Her muscles bunched, and released as the pleasure coursed through her. A minute later, another more powerful wave crashed over her and she completely lost all sense of where she was. In her mind, Derek was filling her completely and Amanda was sucking on her nipples and it was taking Erin to new and brighter heights. Each push of the dildo was another thrust of her invisible lover, each orgasmic wave was bliss, colouring her skin rosy and leaving her breathless. With a final push, she crested and the orgasm bowed her and she cried out, grasping for her lovers before crashing back to reality.

Her breathing was ragged and it took her several moments to realize what had happened and where she was. Languidly, she ran her hands up and down her body, enjoying the afterglow of her orgasms. She had never come more than once in a session. Tonight she had lost count of how many times she had come. The bed beneath her was a sticky mess of girl fluids, the glass dildo laying between her legs, still just inside of her, warm and filling. With a sigh, she slipped it out and felt that aching void it left behind. Gathering up her vibrator she put the toys away and stood on shaky legs before picking up her clothes and unlocking the door. It was an effort to finish putting everything away and straightening up briefly before she slipped under the covers and plummeted into the oblivion of sleep.

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