New Story: The Convention

We all know that what happens at a convention stays at a convention, right?

She had always wondered what it would be like to be tied up but she had never thought she would meet someone who would actually do it to her. So she was even more surprised when she met him in the bar at the conference. He was not the bad boy type that she might have expected. In fact, he was well dressed, wearing a jacket and slacks and looking like any other conference attendee. Something about him drew her to him. He offered her a glass of wine and she accepted it without a second guess. When their hands touched, her nipples hardened and pressed against the thin material of her bra. She was consciously aware of them advertising her excitement though the shear material of her blouse. If she had not been wearing a jacket, he would have instantly known how hot she was for him. She crossed her legs, squeezing her thighs together and squeezing the muscles of her ass, which only seemed to make her nipples harder and her clit start twitching.

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