New Story: The Suggestion

I have started a new story. This one is kind of fun and a bit kinky here and there. It is not completed and I still have a number of edits to make, but I will keep writing and try and finish it soon.  Please let me know how you think it is coming.

I will admit I was a little surprised when Cheryl suggested it. It had been early in our relationship. She had told me one dark night that she thought she might be bi-sexual. How she got turned on watching other women. When she had been in university she had spent a lot of time showering in the community showers just to see other women undress. That was a month after she told me she has another fetish, one that her ex just could not fathom. She wanted to fuck my ass. With a strap on. I guess since my response had been to ask if she actually had a strap on and her negative answer had resulted in us shopping the web for a harness and a couple of dildos right then and there that telling me she might like girls was not a big deal.

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