To Post Or Not To Post

As the Bard once pondered To post, or not to post, that is the question and it is a question foremost in my mind. I have completed another book-length story, making it my second this year, but given the poor feedback I have received of late to the contents of my stories, I am honestly not sure that I want to waste the time editing them for release. My latest story Come Get Me got so many 1 votes that I deleted it. It is only the second story that I have pulled from SOL. What I find odd, though, is that it also got a number of 8,9, and 10 votes. So I am left truly scratching my head as to what was wrong. One comment that I did receive was upset (extremely I should point out) that I did not include ass play in my tags. Yes, there was a pegging scene, but I have read numerous stories on SOL that are Ma/Fa where the guy fucks the girl’s ass and there is no tag calling out ass play. Is this some sort of double standard then? Or are there some that are afraid of the various levels of sex that can occur between consenting adults?

Perhaps it the assumptions some make based on the tags. If I find a story tagged Ma/Ma/Fa, I do not assume that the men are not going to touch each other, regardless of a lack of any other tag. That is just the nature of a threesome. It is pretty much assumed that if there is a Fa/Fa/Ma tag, then girls are going to play with each other, so why not make the same assumption with the Ma/Ma/Fa tags? Do I have to specifically include the Gay or BiSexual tags? Clearly, I have to, because others do not seem to make the same assumptions. Does pegging qualify as FemDom? Clearly again, some think so, even if the two involved do not consider it that way. At some point, the tagging becomes more complicated than the editing, and begin to detract from the story, as some then assume additional action implied that may or may not be in the story.

So the question still remains, and I am not sure I am any closer to the answer. Maybe I will just go and write another story and forget about posting.

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