Another Dream

He closed the door by shoving her against the back of it and using her as part of the process. There was a look of shock on her face as her back bounced off the door, but there was a glint in her eye, and her mouth opened reflexively as he pinned her wrists together over her head. He forced his mouth over hers and shoved his tongue in. She moaned, shivered, and cried out slightly as she pushed her hips against his. She could feel the strength in his body, and the outline of his cock against her leg. He roughly grabbed her tit over her clothing and squeezed. Her nipples flared, hard, and demanding as he continued to ravish her mouth with his. She moaned again as he pinched her nipple hard.

He pushed her against the door again and pulled at the button on her jeans. The zipper was almost pulled out of the seams as he pulled her pants open at the waist and shoved his hand down the inside of her panties. His finger slipped over the rubbery lips of her pussy and slammed it into her in one shove, her pussy running with excitement she had not felt in years. Her knees went weak, and only the force of his hands holding her up kept her from hitting the floor. She shoved her shirt up and pulled the cup of her bra off before he bit down on her nipple and plunged his finger into her once more. She could not see for lack of oxygen to her brain and the force of the orgasm that made her shake harder.

She felt the absence of his hand and barely heard the sound of his pants being undone. She did feel him spin her around and pushed her body against the door. She felt the coldness of the steel against her exposed tit while her pants were shoved down below her knees. She heard something rip and shivered again. He grabbed the hair at the base of her skull. She had let it grow, but it was still not longer than her shoulder, and he tugged it enough for her to know she was entirely under his control. He stepped on her pants and shoved them down to her ankles before ramming his leg between her legs and spreading them. He bent her over and roughly ran his hand between her legs before he shoved his cock into her in one hard motion. She moaned again and pushed back equally hard. She braced her free hands on the door and cried out as he pounded in and out of her pussy. She yelled as her orgasm contracted her entire body and she could feel his cock swell inside of her. She could take no more, and her legs gave out, and he let her fall to the floor.

She lay there, looking up at the condom covered cock, sweat covering their bodies. She reached forward but could not move, tangled as she was in her clothes and still lacking any muscle control. She closed her eyes again and took a deep breath before she opened them again. He was no longer standing there. She struggled with her shoes and managed to get her legs out of them before she hauled herself up using the hallway wall as support. She stumbled into the main room and looked around. She slumped down on the couch and put her head in her hands and shivered again.

It could not have been a dream, could it?

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