She stood in front of me in in a Batman onesie with snaps to the waist, all of them done up to her neck. Her breast hung loosely though. She was cute. We sat down on the couch, and she curled into my lap. She put her head on my chest and slipped a hand under my t-shirt where she flicked my nipple. I could only trace the outline of her breasts from the way I sat. Occasionally her touches would become the raking of her fingernails.

“Kiss me,” she whispered.

We turned around enough to kiss without straining ourselves. Our tongues quickly joined the battle while our hands wandered. She moaned as I palmed her nipples. One of her hands grabbed my cock. We moaned together. She broke the kiss and sat back. She reached forward and pulled down my pajamas enough to free my cock. She took it in her hand before she took it in her mouth. The sensations were warm and wet. I moaned as she took my entire length into her mouth. I could do nothing but enjoy the feelings that were rippling through my body as her tongue and hands made short work of my cock. I never got a warning out as my cum poured down her throat. She swallowed several times before she licked my cock gently. She moved to rest her head on my lap.

“Keep watching,” she whispered. “I want you to get hard again, soon.”

I was not going to argue as she slowly started to undo the snaps.

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