Kiss me hard before you go 

I shook off the sleep from the night before as I realized the alarm had sounded and I got up and turned it off. The sound of water in the shower has been my only saving grace. I pulled myself up and put two feet on the floor. I stood up and made my way to the bathroom. After taking care of business, I stood back and looked at the vision in the shower.


Kiss me hard before you go

“What what?” I asked with a smirk.

“You are staring at me.”

“Just admiring the scenery. Would you like your back washed?”

I could see the gleam in her eye through the water and the glass as she rolled the soap in her hands over and over.

“Is that a yes?” I asked as I slid the door open and stepped into the shower.


I took the soap and spun her around. She braced her hands against the wall, and I slid my hands up and down over the smooth muscles of her back. She almost purred as I rubbed her shoulder. I pushed my body up and down over her ass as I rubbed her shoulders. I slid my hands along her sides where I tickled the sides of her breasts where they hung from her chest. Pulled back to her hips and then pushed my hands back up to her stomach and under her breasts to catch them, squeeze them, and roll her nipples between my fingers. Her moan echoed in the shower, and her ass pushed back against my swelling cock. A wiggle and a push against me and her curving fingers told me how much she enjoyed the shower, so far. I continued to pull on her nipples, and her hips continued to push back against me.

“More, more.”

I took one hand from her breasts and slid it between the cheeks of her ass. I sawed it up and down with my thumb pressing against her soft spots. Her clit was particularly sensitive. Every time my thumb passed over it, there was a twitch and another moan. I shoved a soapy finger into her ass and was rewarded with a full body shiver. I pumped it in and out a couple of times before I pulled it out.

I quickly soaped up my cock. I pushed the small of her back and her ass tilted up towards me. I positioned my cock at the outer ring of her ass and shoved forward slowly. Her breath came in pants as I slid into her inch, by slow inch.


She shoved her ass back at me and took the last couple of inches in a single thrust. Her body shook, and her ass clamped down on my cock. I waited for the spasm to pass before I stroked in and out of her. Moans echoed through the room as I pounded her. Her arms were braced on the shower wall as I took my pleasure in her.

“More, harder, more, more!”

Her encouragement was all I needed. Using her hips as leverage, I buried myself as deeply as I could on each stroke and pulled back as much as I dared before repeating the actions. Her orgasm ground my cock inside of her depths. I pushed once more through her and erupted, my cum filled her, and she cried out in pleasure. I pumped and pumped until there was nothing left to give while I supported her weight with my hand. My cock was ejected from her ass as I could feel her cry as the emotions passed through her body.

Once her body was under control again, we finished bathing and stepped out of the shower. I quickly dried her and then dried me before I pulled her into my arms.

“Kiss me hard, before you go,” I asked.

She did, and I went on to finish getting dressed.

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