Ski Trip – Scene

The chalet was small. The back of the house, which faced out onto the mountains was almost a single pane of triple pane glass and a great room. The view was spectacular. Off that room ran a hallway to the front door. There was adequate space for skis and coats and all the other things that went into winter dressing that got wet and needed to hang. The two bedrooms were off the hall. On one side was the adult’s room, with an ensuite bathroom, while on the other side was the kids room, complete with bunkbed. I always slept on the bottom bunk, which is where I was when Maddie came back from the main building.

“Move over,” she whispered.

She moved the blanket enough to grab my ass through my underwear when she said it. There was not much space between me and the wall as it was, but I moved my hips forward a bit more and she spooned in behind me. I could feel her naked tits pressed against my back.

“I haven’t done this since college,” she whispered, then kissed the back of my neck.

“What, crawl into bed with a strange man?”

“No, silly, share a single bed with anyone.”

Her hand slid over hip, and around to cradle my semi-hard cock.

“K still a screamer?”

As she whispered in my ear, she squeezed my cock and it responded to her ministrations by solidifying under her touch. She gently bit my earlobe, then licked around the rim.

“You didn’t jack off when they had sex?”


Her hand was now inside my underwear, her nails raked over the skin of my abdomen as she continued to reach down to fondle my balls.

“Take these stupid things off,” she said as she pushed my underwear off. “I want to suck your cock.”

We rearranged ourselves enough for me to push them off and Maddie pushed my up the bed enough to get between my legs. Her mouth sunk over the head of my cock and rapidly, I was down her throat as she sucked me the rest of the way to erectness.

“I knew you would have a wonderful cock,” she said.

The light filtering through the window was little more than the reflection of the half-moon on the snow, but it made her eyes sparkle as her hands fondled my manhood in the dark. She spent several minutes letting her hands move up and down my shaft before she cupped my balls and rolled them around inside their skin sack, and dropped her mouth back over the head of my cock. Her tongue danced over the top, and down the shaft as she alternated between sucking it and swallowing it.

“Cum for me,” she whispered.

The boiling sensation in my balls warned me that I was going to do just that.

“Any moment now,” I replied.


She redoubled her efforts and soon I filled her mouth with my essence. She gobbled it down and sucked me until there was nothing left to give. She knee walked up my body, dragging her wet pussy over my body as she went until it was close enough for me to lick it. Which I did. Her clit all but jumped as the tip of my tongue circled it, then collected up the moisture that she put forth. Soon she was gasping above me as she pushed her pussy closer to my mouth. I grabbed her ass and squeezed it, preventing her from moving forward or back as I ran my tongue up and down her slit.

“Bastard. Don’t stop,” she gasped.

She tried to rub her clit against my nose. I let her, while I slipped my tongue into her cunt and fucked it in and out.

“Yes, don’t stop now, right there.”

She gasped, sighed, shivered, and came on my face, her juice flowed freely as she held onto the bed frame to keep from falling as the orgasm ran through her. I continued to lick and suck on her clit and she spun up to another shaking orgasm.

“Enough, enough.”

She gasped, then slid bonelessly down my body until her pussy was within striking distance of my resurrected cock. We kissed, gently and first and then with more and more passion. Maddie wiggled her hips back until her pussy rested against the head of my cock. One good thrust and I would be deep inside her wet folds, but I resisted, and she squirmed.

“Fuck me, please,” she whined.

Her pussy drooled over my abdomen as she rubbed her clit against my skin and teased herself with the head of my cock. Finally, she gave up on kissing me, pushed off my chest and all but slammed herself down on my cock.

“That’s what I want,” she sighed. “This damn bed is not big enough to do this properly. When we get home, I want to do this again. Now, fuck me you prick. Shove that hard tool into my cunt.”

As she said this, she rotated her hips and slammed down on me again. The bed rattled, but I pushed up against her. She went up off her knees a bit, using her legs to hold her against my body as I rammed into her, then her weight took her back down again. I slid out slightly before slamming back into her again. and we repeated the cycle. Her breathing was erratic as her fingers scrapped at my chest trying to get purchase. Her inner walls throbbed and squeezed my cock in time to her fucking.

“Yes, fuck me hard, hard,” she cried.

Her orgasm crashed through her and her rhythm collapsed as she did against my chest, yet I kept thrusting into her wet centre until my own orgasm painted the inside of her cunt. She gasped again and all but bit my shoulder as another small orgasm coursed through her body. We were a wet mess of fluids as her breathing returned to normal against the mutual pounding of our hearts.

“I needed that,” she gasped again. “And your cock is wonderful.”

We kissed as she said this and recovered ourselves.

“I am glad you liked it.”

I kissed her again as my cock fell out of her velvet tunnel.

“Oh, I liked it, and this bed is still too damned small. Next time, we get the big bed and they can suffer with the bunkbed. It would be good for Trina to not have sex one night.”

“You think that would stop them?”

“No, but it would slow them down.”

We both chuckled at that before we kissed again.

“Sleep or more sex?” she asked.

She wiggled her hips as she asked the question.

“You are the one that has to ski in the morning. I can sleep until noon.”

“You should come with us. I’ve never had sex in the snow.”

“I’ve spent two years and a considerable amount of money putting my knees back together after years of pain. I am not going to put them at risk, thanks.”

She kissed me, gently this time.

“I want more sex, but I do need to get up in the morning. Let me use the bathroom, then we can get ourselves settled.”

She slipped out of bed. We traded places, then got ourselves sorted out in the small bed, pulled up the sheets and went to sleep.

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