That Odd Saturday

I woke up thinking about this (mostly) and so here it is.

Mike and Lois went at it, hard. Mike lay between her legs as he lapped at her clit. Lois alternated between blissful orgasm and climbing the mountain again.

“Enough, enough,” she gasped and pushed his head away.

Lois pulled the sheet up with a gasp as she lay back on his bed. Her heart hammered in her chest as Mike lay down beside her.

“Don’t even think about it,” she said as she watched his hand move.

He smiled at her but lay beside her. They jumped as the door to the suite opened.

“I thought you said Jean was out of town.”

“He is.”

Lois pulled the sheet over her head a moment before Angie bounced into the room.

“Oh, ho, look at you,” she said.

She moved towards the bed and would have launched herself onto him when she noticed the second body.

“You’re having sex!”

“Yes, Angie, I was having sex, now if you don’t mind?”

“Who, who, who,” she said.

Lois pushed the sheet down enough to see what was happening.

“Hey, Lois,” Angie said before she looked at Mike. “You mean Jean left town so you could boff this biscuit? Sweet, I’m in!”

Before anyone could react, Angie hopped onto the bed next to Lois and squeezed her ample tit through the sheet. Lois moaned despite herself, and Angie struck like a viper as she pulled the sheet down enough to suck on the exposed nipple.

“Fuck,” Lois squeaked as Angie laved the naked skin.

Mike pulled the sheet down on his side and echoed Angie’s motions as they double-teamed Lois’s tits.

“Fuck, fuck, stop, stop,” Lois gasped. “He’s worn me out, and as good as this feels, my body can’t take it.”

“Oh, poor baby,” Angie said.

She sat up and quickly stripped off her tshirt. Under it, she wore a plain white bra. She promptly stripped that off and squeezed her tits as she massaged them.

“You like?” she asked Lois.

“They’re…plump,” Lois said.

“They are,” Angie agreed with a giggle. “Hazards of being as big as they are. What about you, Mike?”

“They certainly are plump, yes. With rosy nipples.”

“Not as rosy as hers.”

“She’s been sucked, and I haven’t. Want to fix that?”

Angie looked back and forth between Lois and Mike before Lois tentatively reached up and squeezed one.

“Oh, yes,” Angie said.

Angie bent forward slightly as Lois closed the distance between them. She sucked Angie’s nipple between her lips and started to suck gently. Mike reached across Lois’s body and squeezed the other nipple gently.

“Oh, yeah, baby, that’s good,” Angie cooed.

She supported Lois’s head as she let her explore her tit with her mouth. Angie had the hots for Lois, but Lois, she knew, was a straight arrow. Well, maybe not so straight as Angie felt Lois bite her nipple. The sensations caused other parts of her body to tighten. She smiled a bit, knowing she gave Mike a show as well if the state of his erection was any indication.

Mike watched the two women intently. He knew Lois was curious, but he had never expected this. He resisted the urge to touch either one of them for fear of breaking the spell.

Lois surprised herself. She had peeked at Angie a couple of times as she undid her bra and exposed her tits for all too see, like she did not care who might see. It was not how Lois was raised, but seeing that DD chest always sent a thrill through her body. More than once, she stopped herself from reaching out to touch one of them. Now she had one in her mouth while her hand massaged the other one. Despite the pounding she had taken from Mike already, Lois was wet and ready for whatever might come next.

Angie slipped a hand down and released the button on her jeans. Mike leaned across and helped her slide the zipper down. Lois released Angie’s tit.

“Let me help,” Lois said softly.

Angie stood up next to the bed, and Lois turned and sat up, while Mike moved to where he could watch. Lois shoved Angie’s jeans down off her hips leaving her clad only in a simple white thong that soon followed to the floor. Mike’s nostrils flared at the smell of Angie’s arousal. Lois slid a finger gently down from Angie’s belly button to the top of her slightly parted lips. Angie was mostly bare, but for a small landing strip. Mike watched as Angie’s nipples hardened even more as Lois touched her.

Angie felt like she was on fire as Lois ran her finger slowly down over her abdomen. No one, man or woman, had ever touched her this way, and it was not that Lois was doing anything special. The connection alone seemed to make her melt. She could feel her girl juice ooze down the inside of her leg as Lois gently touched the hood of her clit. She glanced at Mike, where he continued to watch. His cock was a steel rod, the head purple and the skin taught. Lois’s nipples stood out from her chest, an angry red, and she was flushed from her shoulders up. The anticipation was delicious.

Lois paused her finger’s progression across Angie’s sex for only a moment. She had met no resistance as she slid her finger around Angie’s clit. Angie was wet, and her lips parted easily. Angie gasped as Lois took the last step and slid her finger up into her friend. Angie moaned as Lois began to explore the inside of her channel, occasionally brushing her g-spot, but in a teasing, probing way as if to say, I found you, but I am not going to play with you yet.

Mike’s breathing came in short gasps as he watched Lois finger Angie. Angie unconsciously spread her legs to allow Lois to penetrate her better. As Lois continued to move her finger in and out of Angie slowly, she reached up and captured one of Angie’s nipples between her fingers and pulled on it. Angie gasped and moaned with desire.

Angie could feel the release coming as Lois continued to manipulate her body. The more she tugged on Angie’s sensitive nipple, the closer she got. It would only take one touch in the right place to make her cum, but so far, Lois had avoided touching her in any one of those places.

“Make me cum, please,” Angie moaned as Lois’s finger again skirted around her spongy centre.

Lois pinched Angie’s nipple as she slipped a second finger inside. Angie’s moans increased as did her output, slicking up Lois’s fingers. This time, Lois slid both fingertips over Angie’s sensitive centre and pulled gently towards her, mashing the soft tissue against the bone. Angie howled like a banshee as she came, squirting cum everywhere. Lois’s finger felt like an electric probe touched her, and Mike quickly caught her before she fell to the floor. Lois pulled her fingers out of Angie’s pussy and licked them tentatively as Mike put her on the bed.

“That was fun,” Lois said as Angie came back to herself.

“I enjoyed it,” Angie agreed.

Angie pulled Lois down into a passionate kiss that lasted for several minutes. Both women squirmed and mashed their bodies against each other until they broke apart, gasping.

“I’ve always wanted to touch your tits,” Lois said shyly.

“I’ve always wanted to eat your clit,” Angie said more aggressively.

“I’ve heard you give great blowjobs,” Lois said. “Show me how you do it? Then you can eat me.”

The two ladies looked over at Mike, who smiled back at them.

“You expect me to say no?” he asked.

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