Saturday Sex Tip

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How Often?

How often do you find yourself reaching to send a message, but pull back. How often do you get as far as composing the message, only to drop it in the bitbucket, rather than send it. I am getting better. It is only a couple of times a day now. So I guess I am getting better. Maybe I can get it down to only a couple of times a year. But I doubt it.

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A Small Rememberance

I do not remember all of it, but I remember this little bit…

I came out of the bathroom and found you on the bed, jeans and panties on the floor, and your hand between your legs. You were not rushing but you were certainly involved. Your eyes were closed as your legs opened and closed rhythmically with your actions. It was not the first time I had seen you masturbate, but it was not something you did very often, at least that you let me see. Small whimpers of lust escaped your lips as your hand rubbed your clit with more vigor. Your eyes opened and saw me watching you.

“Would you like some help?”

“Yes! Get up here and finish me!”

I crawled between your legs as your hand held your lips apart and my tongue flicked your erect clit….

That is all I remember, but I could taste you when I woke up…

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I Dreamt About You Last Night

I could feel you in my arms, the gentle weight of your body as it rested against me. I could almost hear you breathing. I reached for you and almost touched you before the banshee of the alarm went off and woke me up.

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The Perfect Penis

We Talked to the Scientist Who Just Discovered the Perfect Penis – Broadly

The women—who were told that the theoretical man attached to these potential penises was “kind, intelligent, funny, and has a great job”—generally selected a penis around 6.3″ long and 4.8″ around for dating, and 6.4″ long, 5” around for a one-nighter.

Another limited sample study – only 75 – but I guess it is hard to get a group of women together to play with dildos and then actually tell the truth about what they really want. I would have to assume that proper scientific method was being used.

Feel free to discuss it among yourselves.

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Who Needs Sex?

Lately, I have been wondering about the answer to this question. As someone who writes about sex, I get very little. And honestly, I cannot say I am missing it too much. I have plenty of energy for other things. For example, over the last forty-eight hours, I washed every dish in the house, including the crystal and the china, staged, prepped, and cooked an Italian dinner for ten (including making the pasta, and sauces). I made sure everyone had a good time, then cleaned it all up. I am just sitting down now to write this, and then I am off to take a shower before I get serious about the laundry, mop the floor, and decide what to do for dinner.

So really, who, needs sex?

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Happy Heart Day

Yes, I know you do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. That does not mean I cannot think of you today. In fact, I did. I had a beautiful dream as I woke up this morning. It went something like this.

I could smell you as you lowered your pussy over my mouth. My hands slid along your legs as you finished positioning yourself over me, and bent down to take my stiff cock into your mouth. I probed your clit gently before I swiped my tongue back along your slit to your puckered ass. I poked my tongue into your ass, and you gasp shook your body. My cock was suddenly released as your breathing came in ragged gasps. I smiled to myself as my tongue wandered back along your slit, pausing to slide deeper into your pussy before it made its way back to your clit. My hands moved from your legs, up your side and around to cup your breasts and squeeze your nipples. You pushed your hips down, forcing your clit into my mouth as you back bowed from the sensations that coursed from your nipples to your clit. I sucked on your hot button.

You cried out with a whimper. I could feel you quiver a moment before your orgasm shook your body. I sucked harder on your clit as you writhed around above me. You hand held the base of my cock, either to keep from falling off or for extra stability. The energy from your orgasm left you spent. You slumped down on top of me. Your tongue traced lazy patterns up and down my erection as you got your breathing back under control. The heat of your breath felt like a furnace blowing directly onto me. I am sure I shivered a moment before I woke up and found you gone.

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When a Bug Derails You

I spend a lot of my time writing. But once I am done, I have generally convert my stories into ePubs so that I can proof them. Lately, I ran into a bug, that derailed a number of writing hours.

Let me explain.

I write in Ulysses almost exclusively. I started in Scrivener, and I still write with it, but for a lot of my smaller stories, I use Ulysses. My current story, Evelyn, was written in Ulysses, and I started to experiment with some new formats for exporting to ePubs. As part of my normal process, once I export the document, I open it in iBooks on all of my devices. This time, my export failed on two of my three devices. This made me scratch my head. So I tried again, with a different preset. Same result. Clearly, the software was to blame, so I opened a ticket with Ulysses and continued to troubleshoot my problem. After a bit of back and forth, we both came to the same conclusion. The problem was not Ulysses. It was iBooks, on iPad and iPhone. Which concerns me.

So, I ported the document to Scrivener and exported it again. This time I actually got an error I could use.

Failed to load book because the requested resource is missing

It would seem there is a serious bug in iBooks, and it has been there for a while based on the results from Google. The solution is to erase iBooks (after you delete the book, and reinstall it, close iBooks, restart the iDevice, eieio). And because iBooks is a default application, the only way to remove iBooks is to do a complete reinstall of the iOS. Not exactly the answer most people want to pursue. I am lucky. I have a conversion program that can turn the eBook into a Kindle file, which I can then send to my Kindle. It is a bad workaround, but it would be nice if there was an easier way to fix default applications.

So, if find that an eBook is not opening correctly, that might be your problem. I am not sure there is a good way to fix it other than via an iOS update. Good luck.

UPDATE: I am happy to report that the latest version of iOS has fixed whatever was borked in iBooks!

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This Is Not Much of a Surprise

A Study Found That People Enjoyed Sex More When High Than When Drunk

As a result, these changes in sensation also appeared to impact the length and intensity of sex as well as orgasm. A 34-year-old female participant said she felt like her orgasms “magnified at least by five times” after partaking in ganja, while others noted they couldn’t climax while high because they couldn’t focus.

It is an interesting if small sample size study. I can attest to enjoying sex more when I have had a drink or two. I think part of it is the impairment that makes it harder to focus on my orgasm, which makes the experience last longer. I am not someone who smokes marijuana, I cannot comment on the effects it has on me.

I can see how especially for women this might be beneficial. Many studies have said that for women, sex is ninety percent mental. When there is some form of repression, either because of body image, distraction, or other issues, it is no surprise that women have problems. This is not to say men do not, but the studies for me seem to indicate that the mind game is less important. If you can lower the resistance or repression, then the ability to have more enjoyable sex would go up, one would suppose.

I have a friend who would get horny when she drank. She would frequently text me when she was in this state. I have to admit it did make for some interesting interactions. She certainly seemed more interested in sex when she drank, then when she did not. Is this demonstrative? No, but it is illustrative.

What is your take on the subject? What experience do you have?

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A Sex Quiz to Start the Year

This turned up in one of my Internet wanderings. I found it interesting. I hope it helps with your explorations.

1:Kitchen Counter, Couch, or on top of the dryer?

2: Your last sexual encounter: Good or Bad and why:

3:A fictional person that you think would be good in bed:

4:Something that never fails to make you horny:

5:Where is one place you would never have sex:

6:The most awkward moment during a sexual experience was when __

7: Weirdest thing that ever made you horny:

8: What is the best way to sexually bind someone: Handcuffs, Rope, or Other [if other please explain]:

9: What is the fastest way to make you horny:

10: Top or bottom?

11: We were about to _ but then ___ [example: we were about to have sex but then his mom walked in]

12:Is one orgasm enough? Are multiple orgasms necessary?

13:Something that you have hidden in your room that you don’t want anyone to find:

14:Weirdest nickname a significant other has ever called you:

15:Two things you like [or dislike] about oral sex:

16: Weirdest sexual act some has performed [or tried to perform] on/with you:

17: Have you ever tasted yourself? [If no, would you?] [If yes, what did you think?]

18:Is it ever okay to not use a condom:

19:Who was the sexiest teacher you ever had?

20:A food that you would like to use during a sexual experience:

21: How big is too big:

22:One sexual thing you would never do:

23: Biggest turn on:

24:Three spots that drive you insane:

25:Worst possible time to get horny:

26:Do you like it when your sexual partner moans:

27:Worst sexual idea you ever had:

28:How much fapping is too much fapping:

29: Best sexual complement you ever got:

30: Bald, landing strip, Jumanji:

31:Is it good sex if you don’t nut:

32: Fill in the blank: “If they __, we are fuckin”

33:What your favorite part of your body:

34:Favorite foreplay activities

35:Love (>,

36:What do you wear to bed?

37:When was the first time you masturbated:

38:Do you have any nude/masturbating pictures/video of yourself?

39:Have you ever/when was the last time you had sex outside?

40:Have/would you ever have sex outside?

41: Have/would you ever had a threesome?

42:What is one random object you’ve used to masturbate?

43:Have/would you ever masturbate at work/school?

44:Have/would you ever have sex on a plane?

45: What is one song you’d like to have sex to?

46:What is something nonsexual that makes you horny?

47: Most attractive celebrity?

48: Do you watch gay/lesbian porn? why/why not?

49: If a child was born on the occasion of the last time you had sex, how old would that child be right now?

50:Has anyone ever posted nude pictures of you online?

51: What is one thing that NEVER makes you horny?

52: Do you have stretch marks? (How do you feel about them? Has anyone ever had a problem with them?)

53:Do you like giving head? (why/why not)

54:How do you feel about tattoos on someone you are interested in?

55: How would you feel about taking someones virginity?

56:Is there any food you would NOT recommend using during a sexual encounter?

57: Is there anything you do on the Internet that you would not like your significant other to see?

58:Do you own any sex toys? (what is it? (how long have you had it?)

59: Would you give your significant other unrestricted access to your Facebook, or other questionable account for a day?

60:Would you be offended if your significant other suggested you get plastic surgery?

61:Would you rather be a pornstar or a prostitute?

62:Do you watch porn?

63:How small is too small?

64: Have you ever been called a freak? Why?

65:Who gave you your last kiss? Did it mean anything?

66:Would you switch phones with your significant other for a day?

67:Do you feel comfortable going “commando”?

68: Would you have a problem with going down on someone if they hadn’t shaved their pubic hair?

69:If you could give yourself head, would you?

70: Booty or Boobs?

71:If you had a penis/vagina, what would you name it?

72:Have you ever been on an official date?

73:Have you ever cheated on someone? (Why?)

74: If you were a stripper, what would your name be?

75: Have you ever had sex in your parents bed? (Would you?)

76: How would you react if you found out your parents had sex in your bed?

77:What was your reaction the first time you saw a penis/vagina

78:If you had a penis/vagina for a day, what are five things you would do?

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