Happy Canada Day 🎉

A very happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians.

A special shout out to my follower from Hamilton who drops by from time to time. Thanks for reading!


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Sometimes I Just … Write

I read. A lot. Some days, what I read initiates additional thoughts, and I just need to write a story. So, having read an interesting story, I wrote this…

Kathy pushed Jake against the closed door before she mashed her lips against his, then washed his tonsils with her tongue as the heat of their passion poured into him. He made it clear just energized he was. Jake’s hands roughly squeezed her ass, pulled her tight against his groin. Kathy felt the strength in his hands and the fullness of his erection through the thin material that separated their skin.

She dropped her hand and grasped his erection through his slacks. She moaned with desire as she felt its substantive size in her hand. She moaned into the kiss and squeezed it again. Finally, her lust took control, and she rapidly undid his pants. She fumbled briefly with the internal button that held the two halves together, but at last, she got it free and shoved everything down before she, too, sank to her knees. Kathy caught the bobbing shaft in her hand, where she squeezed it gently as she gaged the size a moment before she took the purple crown into her mouth. She ran her tongue around the shaft and back and forth over the head. Jake wrapped his fingers in her short hair and held her in place. Kathy moaned as she felt herself get excited by him directing her actions. She opened her throat, tipped her head, and all but swallowed his shaft. Her throat contracted several times as her pussy gushed. Above her, Jake groaned with lust.

Jake released her, and she bobbed up and off of his shaft before she cupped his balls. She got her breath back, looked up at him, then sucked down his cock again. This time she added a rapid stroke to his shaft, and Jake’s cum all but exploded down her throat. Although some leaked out the corners of her mouth, she swallowed quickly as she made sure Jake left nothing behind.

Jake’s breath rattled in his chest as he slumped to the ground, spent. He pulled Kathy into his arms, where they kissed hungrily for several minutes. Occasionally she ran a finger up and down his deflated cock and watched as it twitched.

Jake’s hand cupped her breast through her thin blouse, and they kissed again.

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Stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie.

Venus & Adonis


Fondling,” she saith, “since I have hemm’d thee here

Within the circuit of this ivory pale,

I’ll be a park, and thou shalt be my deer:

Feed where thou wilt, on mountain, or in dale;

Graze on my lips, and if those hills be dry,

Stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie.

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What to Expect – A new story

It has been a long time since I have thought of either Jean or Katherine, much let the two of them in the same bed. Still, they are two of my favorite characters, and when they decide to get together, we should all pay attention to their antics. Here is the latest of their adventures.

Larry did not know what to expect when he saw Jean sitting on the couch. From the way she chewed her lower lip, he suspected she was not sure what to expect either, but he did not have time to consider as Katherine stepped up in front of him and wrapped her arms around his waist and whispered in his ear.

“Undress me, slowly.”

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Can I Borrow You? – A new story

I have not been in a writing mood of late, yet, I had this dream the other night, and this came out. Not sure if I am finished with it or not.

Baseball season was in full swing when the text arrived.

What are you doing next weekend?

Nothing, I don’t think

Can I borrow you?

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Unexpected – A new story

I had some free time yesterday, and some stimulus, so I wrote this little story.

When the call came, of course, I said I would help. After more than a year of being cooped up inside and limited human contact, the ability to not only get outside but actually have some human connection, even if it was behind a mask and socially distant. They canceled the race last year, one of the first of many events that fell victim to COVID-19, but it was not the last. With more vaccines and a better understanding of what could and could not be done during these times, more activities spun back up, and more people came out to help.

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How Long Is Too Long?

Once Upon A Time All good stories should start that way. Once upon a time, I had a friend confess to me that she had once dated a guy, for a short period of time, and despite his prowess in the bedroom, she found he was too good.


It seems that he could pound away for a considerable amount of time (I never asked for exact details). And I was not sure what the problem was. She tried to explain, but personally, I did not get it at the time.

Then I saw this article today How Long Should Sex Last — Does Time Really Matter?

And now I get it. At least theoretically.

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To bush or not to bush

Full Disclosure: I am a male, so this is just my opinion. What you, as women, chose to do is really up to you.

I have been debating the whole idea of female pubic hair display1. From my reading and other discussions with actual women, there is a wide variety of opinions and preferences about whether a woman has a full bush or shaves bare. This can be for aesthetic reasons, for reasons of sensitivity, or other less exciting thoughts (it just looks better). While I have a preference, I am noticing a trend on the Internet where every woman is not only shaved but shaved bare, and I am not finding it attractive2. I sometimes wonder what a bit or more of hair would do to the image and whether it would be something I would not want to see.

I know that in the past, I have derived pleasure from seeing the multiple states and determining which one I prefer, aesthetically3, or learning which one my partner likes. Indeed, I cannot tell these models to let it grow back but sometimes I wish I could. I wonder if that reflects having grown up between the era of women with full bushes and then watching the trend to the bare pussy. Like most things in fashion, it will probably revert again. Or maybe not.

  1. See Disclosure
  2. See Disclosure
  3. See Disclosure
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Happy 💞 Valentine’s 💗 Day

And for those that do not celebrate, you are still entitled to a 😘

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What’s that old saying? Enquiring minds want to know? Maybe the January winds have knocked the dust off the rafters, but I am curious. For example:

  • When you decided to sleep with Armand, what caused the change of heart? Did he convince you? Or was it your new-found freedom that emboldened you to do it? And you mentioned he had stamina, but you did not seem enthusiastic about this, and I never found out why.
  • Did Raymond know he was going to spend the day in bed with your that rainy day? Did you plan it, or did it just happen? Did you know about his piercing before you first saw him naked? Or was that not the first time? Did it really make it easier for him to take your anal cherry that afternoon? Did you let him tie you up, or was that saved for later adventures?
  • I know Thermopolis had a negative experience with receiving oral sex. Did you ever bring him around to enjoy it, or did you have to find some other way to stimulate him? I have often wondered what you did.
  • You once said James was more endowed than I was, yet, you continued to sleep with me several times. I often wondered why? What did I have that he lacked. After all, size is everything or so we are told.
  • When Alex passed his kidney stones, you remarked that they were large, just like him. Were you referring to his physical stature because he is not a small man, or was it concerning that confidence you did not want to break? And again, why me?
  • And then there are the things I don’t know. Do you think about those other men at all? Or are they footnotes in history? Am I?
  • I also wonder if you have a hidden fantasy, or kink, that you do not mention. What is it that gets you wet when you imagine it? Do you want to make it more than a fantasy? Have you already? Was it as good as you hoped? Is it still a work in progress?
  • Has he ever walked in on you while you pleasured yourself? Did he stay? Did he offer to help? Did he turn and leave? What would you have wanted him to do? What would you want me to do?
  • Lastly, although only in this list, I found this while purging some old texts. If you had the opportunity to be professionally photographed for Playboy/Playgirl, or pose for a statue by Michelangelo, which would you choose? and you answered Playboy. I would like to be more comfortable being an exhibitionist. Which I always found interesting considering how reticent you were whenever I tried to take your picture, much less your picture nude. Maybe I should have set up more of a studio.

The answers do not matter. It will not change the past and will not affect the future. I am just curious, that’s all.

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